Mỡ bảo dưỡng khuôn nhựa NS1001

Mô tả:

Tên Sản Phẩm: NS1001

Xuất xứ: Yaimachi - Nhật Bản
Đóng gói: 500g/hộp

Giá: Liên hệ

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Số lượng

Mỡ Yamaichi NS1001 chuyên dùng bảo dưỡng khuôn đúc các hãng Nhật như Nissei, Sumitomo, Fanuc, Toshiba, JSW...

Safety: NS-GREASE has little effect on the human body under normal use conditions.
NS-GREASE is compliant with the Food Sanitation Law and the Specifications and Standards for Food Additives, etc.(1959, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Notification No. 370).
NS-GREASE has minimal effects on other materials.
As it is inactive, NS-GREASE will not corrode metals, and has no adverse effects on rubbers or plastics.
·  Use temperature range: -30℃ to +250℃
·  A sufficient lubrication effect is achieved with the application of a small quantity.
·  NS-GREASE features excellent solvent resistance, and is hardly soluble in common solvents
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