Kluber Isoflex LDS 18 Special A

Mô tả:

Tên Sản Phẩm: Kluber Isoflex LDS 18

Xuất xứ: Kluber - Germany
Đóng gói: 1Kg/Hộp, 5Kg/ Hộp

Giá: Liên hệ

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Số lượng

Giới thiệu
ISOFLEX® LDS 18 SPECIAL A is a dynamically light long-term grease for plain and rolling bearings. It consists of ester oil, mineral oil and lithium soap. The product is resistant to ageing, oxidation and water, and it protects reliably against corrosion.

Ứng dụng
ISOFLEX® LDS 18 SPECIAL A is suitable for plain and rolling bearings operating at low temperatures and/or high speeds, for example in grinding spindles, machine tool spindles, spindle bearings, textile spindles, bearings in OE-spinning turbines, bearings in precision and optical equipment.

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